Sun Joe SWJ803E vs. WORX WG309 – Who Makes The Better Electric Pole Saw?

Are you trying to decide between a Sun Joe and a WORX pole saw?

Both the Sun Joe SWJ803E and the WORX WG309 are lightweight electric pole saws that minimize fatigue and allow you to reach high branches. And they both offer 8 Amps of Power and a 10-inch chain.

However, these products differ in a few key ways. To help you figure out which of these electric pole saws is right for you, we will take a closer look at each.

We will see how their features compare and what real-life customers have to say about their performance and reliability.

The Basics: SWJ803E vs. WORX WG309

The two products in this head-to-head comparison for the best electric corded pole saw are the Sun Joe SWJ803E and WORX WG309.

First, we’ll take a look at the two companies and a few basics.

The Sun Joe SWJ803E 8 Amp 10″ Pole Saw

The Sun Joe SWJ803E is an 8 Amp corded electric pole saw designed to offer up to 14″ of reach with its telescoping pole. That means that it is suitable for reaching some higher branches that you might not be able to reach without a ladder. The 10-inch chain is designed to cut through 9.5″ thick tree limbs.

Sun Joe is a brand of Snow Joe, a company that has been around since 2004. As you might guess, Snow Joe focused initially on products for winter but has expanded into a range of other outdoor, electrical and automotive goods.

They now have an extensive line of lightweight outdoor power tools designed for consumer use. Their outdoor tool product line is an affordable and popular choice in the DIY backyard and garden market.

The WORX WG309 8 Amp 10″ Electric Pole Saw

The other lightweight, corded electric saw that we are looking at in this post is the WORX WG309 8 Amp 10″. It also has a telescoping pole you can adjust to the requirements of each job.

One of the differentiating features of the Worx is you can detach the chainsaw to use it as a stand-alone tool to finish cutting the downed branches into firewood.

WORX is the name of a power tool brand owned by a company called Positec Tool Corporation. Back when the company was founded in the 90s, it was working with Black & Decker.

Side-by-Side Feature Comparison: Sun Joe vs. WORX Pole Saw

Now that we have had a chance to introduce both of these electric pole saws let’s do a detailed breakdown, comparing power, weight, special features, and more.

Power & Price Point

Both of these products are powered by an 8-amp motor and run on 120 volts. With that kind of power, there should be little to no kickback or vibrations as you saw through even thick, sturdy branches.

Overall, customers remark that the performance is comparable between these two electric pole saws.

Note that these are both corded products. So, make sure you have an extension cord ready, whichever you choose.

In terms of price, the two pole saws are roughly comparable.

Weight & Balance

Comparing the 10″ versions of both of these products, the Sun Joe SWJ803E pole saw is just 7.9 pounds, which makes it around 2 pounds lighter than the 10-pound WORX WG309 pole saw.

So, from a fatigue standpoint, the Sun Joe is the better option.

Overall, both products are well-balanced, but keep in mind the longer you extend the saw, the more effort it will take. This applies to both pole saws. When extended to the maximum length, the saw end will feel a bit heavy and give you a workout!

Product & Special Features

Next, we’ll make a head-to-head comparison of each model’s primary features.

1. Cutting Ability

Both models have a 10-inch bar chainsaw saw designed to cut up to 8 to 10-inch branches, depending on your cutting style.

2. Pole Length and Reach

The Sun Joe SJ803E takes the lead on maximum reach by just under a foot. Each company measures reach a little differently, so we focused on the total length of the extended pole for this comparison point.

The Worx WG309 has an extension pole that expands to 8 feet. The Sun Joe SWJ803E pole extends to 8.8 feet. So the Sun Joe has a better ability to extend your reach.

Both the Sun Joe and Worx pole saws use a telescoping function to extend the pole. This is a great feature since you can adjust the length to precisely the height or comfort level for your grip.

3. Adjustable Head

The adjustable head on the Sun Joe 803E is one of the standout features of this pole saw. You can adjust the angle of the head anywhere between 0° and 30°.

Tilting the blade can be very useful in making precision cuts or reaching in a tight area to cut. The straight angle is better when you have good clearance in the tree or cutting vertically.

Worx takes a different approach and uses a rotating handle to position the saw at the correct angle. This is a key difference between the WORX WG309 and the Sun Joe SWJ803E.

4. Detachable Chainsaw

This is one feature unique to the Worx WG309 and a pretty important one for some consumers. You get two tools in one.

Remove the pole extension and use it as a regular chain saw. The tool’s flexibility makes it easy to finish cutting the branches into smaller pieces.

5. Oiling the Chain

The Worx brand holds more oil with a 4-ounce reservoir, whereas the SunJoe model holds 2 ounces. Both products have an automatic oiling feature and gauge with a clear window so you can see when it’s time to fill.

6. Safety Features

Sun Joe seems to come out ahead on the safety features.

Worx has a handguard to shield you from falling debris and an on-off switch at the base.

The Sun Joe also has the on-off switch at the base with the added feature of a safety switch. That way, you will not start the saw by mistake.

Performance & Reliability

You can count on both of these electric pole saws to deliver reliable performance. Both brands get excellent reviews across the board and are two of the top corded electric pole saws on the market.

These lightweight pole saws are especially suited for the average homeowner or weekend DIYer to maintain the trees and shrubs in the yard. And both rate very highly in the performance category.

However, there is one area where several customers had trouble. The chain’s tension seemed to be a problem on both products. After using the pole saw for several cuts, the tension screw tends to get loose. And it can sometimes be hard to keep the chain on the bar.

Making Tension Adjustments

How tightly the chain is adjusted before use and how difficult a job you are working on can play a factor in whether you experience this problem. The harder you work the tool, the more likely the chain will need to be adjusted.

Experienced customers recommend monitoring and adjusting the tension after 10 or 15 cuts to prevent the chain from getting loose.

Ease of Use, Comfort & Assembly

When it comes to ease of use, the Sun Joe electric pole saw has a few extra features that maximize the overall user-friendliness of the product. Then Worx takes the point on assembly.

1. Handle Shape & Cord Clip

The Sun Joe SWJ803E pole saw handle has an ergonomic grip, which makes the tool easier to hold. They also have a nice little hook on the inside of their handle to keep the extension cord from getting tangled or pulling out unexpectedly.

The shape of the WORX handle is different. It is slightly curved and can be flipped to change your cutting angle from vertical to horizontal.

2. Comfort

Sun Joe has foam padding along the shaft of the pole for extra comfort when holding the saw upright.

3. Assembly

Worx won this comparison point, and almost everyone agreed that it was super easy to put together. The Worx pole saw ships with the chain saw attached, so all you need to do is screw the pole extension to the chain saw.

The Sun Joe, on the other hand, ships with the telescoping pole attached, but the chain and blade are in a separate plastic bag. So, you need to put the chainsaw together and attach it to the end of the pole.

This is a little more involved and, while not overly difficult, it may depend on your overall experience with the inner working of tools. There is a YouTube video from the manufacture that can help.


It is relatively easy to maintain either of these electric pole saws. You will need to adjust the chain’s tension and sharpen the saw manually.

To prevent oil leaks, empty the oil tank before putting it away and clean off any excess oil with a rag. Storing your pole saw horizontally instead of vertically will also prevent it from leaking when not in use.

If you buy the SunJoe, pick up the carry bag if you plan to transport the pole saw in your car or keep it from getting dusty in the garage.

The Bottom Line – Which Is Better?

Now you have had a chance to compare the Sun Joe vs. WORX pole saw.

As you can tell, both the SunJoe SWJ803E and the WORX WG309 are great lightweight electric pole saws.

The two biggest feature differences were:

  • Worx is a 2 in 1 tool – you can detach the chainsaw and use it as a standalone tool.
  • SunJoe’s best feature is the adjustable head angle allowing you more flexibility and precision when cutting.

While both of these electric pole saws are quite similar in other areas, the Sun Joe SWJ803E pole saw is also lighter than the WORX WG309, and you can also get more height out of the Sun Joe.

To round it off, SunJoe also offers a few extra safety and comfort features such as the padded pole and safety start switch.

For those reasons, we would recommend the Sun Joe over the WORX for most people. Unless of course, you think you’ll use the detachable chainsaw more often, then the Work WG309 is the better bet.