Photos Around the Farm in August

August has been so incredibly hot this year. It’s been much too hot with too little rain. As a result, our garden is not fairing so well, especially since the drip system wasn’t making it all the way to the mini vegetable garden we have next to the house.

2 cows laying down near my vegetable garden
The cows lounge in the background of our mini-vegetable garden.

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We still had a few good crops:

Tomatoes grow everywhere in our soil. The chickens and cows once used to graze nearby, so the soil had plenty of organic matter deposited naturally over the last few decades. The tomatoes are always grown in abundance since they are a favorite treat for the chickens.

Juliet grape tomatoes growing on the vine
The Juliet Tomatoes are Ripening on the Vine – Always a good crop!

We started just a few Italian Sweet Peppers, these are coming along nicely.

long green italian pepper growing in a vegetable cage
A small Italian sweet pepper crop.

The Jalapeno Peppers also grow easily. They are a pretty sight with big bunches of bright red peppers ripe for the picking.

bright red jalepeno peppers growing in their cage
These Jalapenos are ripe for the picking!

Our cucumbers sadly did not fare so well. This crop just didn’t get enough water to really thrive. Cucumbers are one of those vegetables where you need to increase the water once the fruit starts to form. Unfortunately for us, this is exactly when the drought hit. We got a few, but nothing compared to years past when we were giving them away by the dozen.

cucumber growing on the vine
One lonely cucumber grows up the trellis.

August is also a great time for some of our favorite flowers. We always grow a few varieties of Echinacea (aka coneflower). Not only are they stunning in the hotter months, but they also attract plenty of pollinators to the garden.

bright purple coneflowers blooming
Bees are abundant in the garden and love the coneflower field.
an orange and brown butterfly feeding from a purple coneflower
An American Lady butterfly enjoying the nectar from a purple coneflower.

A gorgeous butterfly enjoys the nectar from a purple cone flower.

As you can see, the bees and butterflies just love them. Salvia is another favorite – the black and blue salvia pictured below is always nice in the late summer garden.

salvia blooming in the garden
The black and blue salvia is always a hit.