Photos Around the Farm in April

Every day when I go outside, I never know what I’ll find.  Today it was a turkey running across the back fields. When ever it rains, they seem to come out & explore.

Koda, our pup is happiest this time of year before the heat has settled in. She enjoys watching from her perch, either snoozing or sleeping with one eye open to make sure nothing is out of place. She wasn’t too concerned about the turkeys.

The horses seem happy they don’t have to dig through the snow any more to find a good bit of grass. Just another peaceful day on the farm.

But chores are always present. I took advantage of a sunny day this weekend to get to work on the brown spots in the lawn.  This is the cultivator we recommend (you can see more about it on our reviews page). Last year I did this by hand – never again.  It took me just about 1/2 hour this weekend to dig up the dead grass. This is compared to hours & hours of work last time.  We’ll post the step by step instructions on this once the new grass comes in.

Thank goodness spring is here.  It’s been a long winter & I’m grateful to be back outside again!