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Photos Around the Farm in August

bright purple coneflowers blooming

August has been so incredibly hot this year. It’s been much too hot with too little rain. As a result, our garden is not fairing so well, especially since the drip system wasn’t making it all the way to the mini vegetable garden we have next to the house. We still had a few good […]

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Photos Around the Farm in July

Enjoy our photos and click the gallery below to see a slide show of the July scenery. New life abounds on the farm in July. The farm babies were born in June and by this month they are up and around so we can enjoy them. There were a few new calves as well as […]

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Photos Around the Farm in June

June is probably the prettiest time of year on the farm. Most of the heavy work is done preparing the beds so we can enjoy the first blooms of summer and the wildlife that comes to visit. Enjoy our photos from the farm in June. Our Favorite June Blooms The roses really took off this […]

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Photos Around the Farm in May

Fresh peas growing in the garden.

May is a busy time of year. Spring has just settled in and it’s getting nice enough to work outside. This is the time of year we start our spring cleanup. Here are the first things I tackle. Cutting back older shrubs. Removing any perennials that didn’t make it through the winter. Picking up the […]

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Photos Around the Farm in April

Mini Horse grazing in the field

Every day when I go outside, I never know what I’ll find.  Today it was a turkey running across the back fields. When ever it rains, they seem to come out & explore. Koda, our pup is happiest this time of year before the heat has settled in. She enjoys watching from her perch, either snoozing […]

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