About Us

Welcome to the Impatient Farmer where we celebrate the great outdoors. Living on a farm, we consider ourselves some of the luckiest folks on the planet.

Here we have access to the most beautiful landscape as well as the land which has been enriched by the many animals and crops for hundreds of years.

mini horse and her newborn foal

Be sure to check out more of my photos of the farm to see a little why we love it so much.

But as we all know, tending the land and garden is hard work. We’d rather spend our time enjoying the natural beauty around us & relaxing with our families than on one too many garden chores.

Over the years, we’ve found some great ways to save time in the garden. On our site, we share our favorite time trimming tricks, tools, and techniques for doing the job quickly. From tilling the soil, trimming the trees, or just mowing the lawn, there is a tool for every job to make our lives a little easier.

2 cows laying down near my vegetable garden

Whether you are a backyard gardener, professional landscaper, or manage a large homestead we hope you find our site helpful and enjoy your time with us.

Thanks for visiting!